Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Like To Make A Statement

Hello Ladies,

I had been looking for some statement necklaces for some time.  I will be honest I am not the best to take care of my stuff or even organize my things.   It really hurted me to spend $15 - $20 on a necklace if I knew I would either lose it or the color would start rubbing off.  One of my co-workers had been wearing some very pretty ones and I asked her where she bought them and how much she paid for it.  She mentioned they were from a store named Sam Moon in Houston TX, I decided to go on my lunch break to see what this store was about.  Well I have to say it was HEAVEN bling in every single wall ha,ha.  Here are some of the items I picked up.  I would picked out a lot more but this was enough LOL.

I also just realized they have an online store so you can check out some of their items and prices.  Sam Moon