Wednesday, April 24, 2013

StilettoMeUp Contest Winner

Hi girls!  I wanted to share this post from StilettoMeUp blog. 
A couple of weeks ago StilettoMeUp launched a contest through Instagram.
She made this contest fun and exciting. It was a small contest but it was very fun to come up with an outfit that I was inspired  by one of hers. 
The contest rules were as followed:
  • Pick any outfit I’ve worn and posted on my IG and do your version of it.
  • I’m looking for the best “StilettoMeUp Inspired” outfit out there.
  • You don’t have to wear the same pieces I wore, or the same labels. As long as the outfit shows clear indication of being StilettoMeUp Inspired.
  • The picture you post on Instagram has to be new and taken only for this contest.
  • Title of the picture when you post it should be “StilettoMeUp Inspired #StilettoMeUpInspired“.
  • Make sure to spell Stilettomeup the right way :) (one L, two T’s)
  • Contest starts NOW and ends April 4th at midnight (PST)
  • Winner will be announced April 4th.
  • Prize of the winner: $200 to shop anywhere online.
The same night I submitted my picture was the deadline for this contest. I quickly went into my closet and started looking for an outfit that was inspired by hers. I came up with 4 outfits and had my husband was kind enought to take the pictures for me around 1 a.m.  I ended up choosing only 2 outfits.  By April 4th afternoon she announced the winner.
Ok now the winner…..
I love how she put her outfit together using mine as an inspiration. I love the jacket that she paired her jeans with. I think the color of her jeans goes very well with the color of her jacket. I also love that she popped the outfit with all red heels. The white spots on her jacket contrast the whole outfit perfectly. I love that she comes off very confident. Lastly, I love how she put her hair up and that she’s posing similar to me :)
That is cute! I think she killed it.
Congrats @wishes2oo2
Email me so we can get you your $200 gift :)
Below are the posts I submitted on Instagram.

Even though it was a small contest it was very exciting for me to win, since there was a couple of hundred submissions.  I picked a Tiffany chain as a gift which I am planning to give to my daughter when she gets a bit older.

 To see the original posting please go to  StilettoMeUp Blog