Friday, May 24, 2013

Pink and Mint Leopard

Happy Friday Ladies,

Today's outfit was a bit colorful.  I ordered online this leopard mid-low top from Forever21 last week.  I really loved the pink and it just so happens that it matched my Mkors neon bag perfectly (I didn't even plan that one).  I was honestly thinking of wearing a different outfit that I had pictured in my own little mind but that didn't work out as I thought LOL but I always determined to look bright on Friday lol.  I did not want it to be all pink but I did want it colorful.  So I decided to add the mint heels to give it a colorblock type look.  Hope you like!  And again was not really going to post since I did not think much of the outfit but a lot of you IG ladies requested a picture of my outfit since I got a lot of compliments on my top.  So decided to share.  The links to my outfit are below.  Have a great long weekend!  Would love read your comments.  Please follow me on my instagram account wishes2oo2 and my blog as well as bloglovin.




 Get the look:

Top - Here
Pants - Here
Shoes - Similar Here
Mkors Neon Bag - Here
Mkors Gold Watch - Here

Monday, May 20, 2013

I've Never Met A Leopard Print I Didn't Like

Hi Ladies,

This is a perfect example of how I figure out what to wear to work.  I always struggle with clothes and I never have anything to wear.  I am sure a lot of you go through the same issue LOL Sunday night I was sitting in my livingroom thinking what I was going to wear on Monday .  Not sure why Khloe Kardashian's outfit came to mind.  There's an outfit in which she is wearing a pair of red jeans, leopard belt and blue jean shirt.  I thought to myself I have a leopard skirt and blue jean shirt if the jean shirt matched her belt my jean shirt will match my leopard skirt ha,ha.  So this is my outfit for the day.  I was not planning on posting but a couple of people at work liked it so I figured I would share. 

Jean Studded Shirt - Charlotte Russe
Belt- Old
Skirt - Sears
Shoes - Forever21
Bag - Local Houston Store
Necklace n Earrings - Avon
Bracelet - Premier Jewelry

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Can Read In Blue, I Can Read In White, I Can Read Neon Color Too!

Happy Mother's Day Ladies,

Today turned out to be a great day.  My Tori had been sick for the past couple of days and well I had not slept good for the past few nights.  She woke up feeling a bit better today which allowed me to get up and get ready and pick up my mom to take her to the store so she can pick a gift since I was not able to go buy her something with Tori sick.  We also had breakfast together, I dropped her off and came home.  I changed the kiddos and changed myself.  Then out to eat with my hubby and the kids.  Had my favorite hot wings, curly fries, ranch and for the first tasted a coronarita LOL it was good!  Here is the outfit of the day.  Hope you all had a blessed day!


White Pants - JCP White Skinny Jeans
Blue Peplum - Forever21 Similar Here
Blue Heels - Similar Here
Bag and Sunglasses - Local store here in Houston

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ain't Nothing Sexier Than A Woman Who's About Her Business

Hello Ladies,

Just wanted to share my work outfit.  As some of you know I love blazers, I think I wear them everyday so here I am wearing one of my many affordable blazers that I love with a pencil skirt.

What I am wearing:
Black Blazer - Walmart
Soft Pink Peplum Top - Forever21
Pencil Skirt - Ross
Shoes - Charlotte Russe
Bag - LV Alma

Photos taken by:  Bonny Olvera







Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Makes Me Happy

This past Sunday was family time and family time is the best time.  My husband and I decided to take the kids to the park and enjoy the beautiful weather on that day.  The weather was so perfect not too hot nor too cold and best of all not humid.  I really did not do any of the running around so of course I wore wedges instead of tennis shoes.  I don't really wear any tennis shoes since I am short as it is. I took a sheet to sit my baby on and sat and watched my son ride his bicycle.  Overall it was a relaxing beautiful day.  Here are some pictures of what I wore.



Blazer - Material Girl - Macy's
White Blouse - NY & Co.
Belt and Ring - F21
Shorts and Fedora - Walmart
Studded Bag - Sam Moon
Watch - Mkors - Macy's
Studded Bracelet - Charlotte Russe

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Like To Make A Statement

Hello Ladies,

I had been looking for some statement necklaces for some time.  I will be honest I am not the best to take care of my stuff or even organize my things.   It really hurted me to spend $15 - $20 on a necklace if I knew I would either lose it or the color would start rubbing off.  One of my co-workers had been wearing some very pretty ones and I asked her where she bought them and how much she paid for it.  She mentioned they were from a store named Sam Moon in Houston TX, I decided to go on my lunch break to see what this store was about.  Well I have to say it was HEAVEN bling in every single wall ha,ha.  Here are some of the items I picked up.  I would picked out a lot more but this was enough LOL.

I also just realized they have an online store so you can check out some of their items and prices.  Sam Moon