Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Night

Today was such a hot day I did not plan to do anything after work.  But while at work my oldest sister called and told me had picked up my kids from my moms house.  She usually tends to pick them up a lot which at times she gives me a break but then I also miss my kids a lot.  We usually take turns. The kids love coming over and I love having them here.  So since it was no kids Friday night me and the hubs decided to go have some cold beers and wings after that we stopped and had a drink and some bar just to listen to some music and have a couple of drinks.  I kind of forgot a bit of the bar scene someone sat next to me and was smoking it made me so sick.  The smoke really just messed up my stomach and could not drink anymore which maybe it was good thing LOL.  Okay enough of my night, I decided to wear some coral shorts since it is summer with some heels.

What do you wear for Summer nights?

Button shirt - Marshalls
Shorts, heart necklace and heart belt - Forever21
Watch - Mkors
Bracelets - Charlotte Russe
Heels -