Friday, August 2, 2013

Red Lips

Hi Ladies!

It has been such a rough week but today was finally a better day. My husband got hurt this past weekend and needed surgery yesterday.  So all week it was in and out from doctor's office, X-rays, MRI's and finally surgery.  He is doing way better and today was a less stressful day and was his follow-up doctors appointment and was ready to put myself together by wearing some red heels and red lips but still a bit casual.  Last night I went to Hobby Lobby and Ross to buy some of Tori's decorations for her 1st Bday party which is next month.  At Ross I found this shirt and I immediately fell in love with it because of the red lips.  The pop of color is what caught my attention and once I saw it was only $7.00 I definitely had to get it.  Hope you like this casual outfit with a pop of color.

Blazer- local Store (Harwin Street, Houston TX)
Shirt- Ross
Pants- Old
Red Zipper Heels, Chain and Accessories- Charlotte Russe
Mkors Watch
Bag- Chanel